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A First: Leadmark AI Platform Provides Precise Response Forecast For Ad Campaigns



Machine learning technology predicts results for brands in real time

A new artificial intelligence platform offers a solution to the perennial problem of flawed calculation of campaign effectiveness, effectively eliminating the chronic conundrum of budget wastage. Leadmark, an AI marketing platform, provides internationally an effective solution that steers ad spend to the optimum promotion channels, while simultaneously measuring ROI to be attributed to sales or other response KPIs. The results provided have an accuracy rate of at least 75%, often nearing 90%. Crucially, by using advanced attribution technology it offers same day optimization and predictions.


The Marketing Intelligence Platform and related tools improve efficiency and profitability by pinpointing and zeroing in at the level of marketing activity required to maximize sales and profit as well as minimize costs. The approach relies on and leverages advanced econometric models to determine the performance and ROI of diverse marketing tactics. Leadmark then incorporates cost components and budget constraints to find the optimal allocation of resources in the marketing portfolio so as to reach the required sales and profit goals. The solution thus rests on three pillars:

  •  It gathers data from multiple sources (e.g. macroeconomic data, sales data from CRM, call centers and data from physical points of sales).
  •  It calculates a number of indexes that have to do with the brand, such as the Brand KPIs that concern the brand funnel and brand Engagement.
  •  It factors in important marketing parameters (e.g. offer price), media, creative message and behavioural consumer’s data.

Increasingly deployed not only for brand performance optimization but also for sales forecasting, scenario building and cross-media attribution, the platform has been used, amongst others, in industries such as FMCG, Auto, Energy, Retail traders.

Source: Salestechstar

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